Who do I say that I am to make you want me?

When we first met Maria, she was shy bordering on terrified. She hid behind a curtain of bangs, peeking out at the world behind a wispy shield. Her video showed nervousness and excitement, and then in one moment, naked vulnerability. They asked her what she might want her host family to know about her. Her eyes darted to the camera, just for an instant, and I froze where I stood.

Who do I say that I am to make you want me?

Fast forward to 6 months of knowing you are wanted. A smiling girl sits across the Skype calls. She is still nervous and excited, but there is a noticeable difference. She holds herself with more confidence and we hear from a teacher, and peers, that she is a good girl, and a quiet and gentle leader. She shows off her artwork and grades, and grins and grins when we applaud.

Love is powerful 

That is a bit how we feel as we sit surrounded by a community that also jumped into say you are wanted. Last night, we were at a concert hosted by East Simpson Coffee, and with top shelf musicians. (Dave Wilton and Latifah Phillips). Local businesses and artists donated items and services for a silent auction. And we raised nearly 2000 dollars. Aidan said it right when he tells me that sometimes you don’t know how much you are connected until people care about something that you care about. 


This story is not Maria’s, or the Cummings alone anymore, it belongs to all of us. Because you all have been writing your hearts in the pages too. We are truly humbled to be a part of it all.


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