Weekend Rewind

I spent my birthday weekend in Pueblo this last weekend. I have to confess that my expectations were sorely crushed. The name “Pueblo” conjured up images of adobes with colorful doors, cactus and weathered barns. Pueblo was actually more like an unexpected visit to Oklahoma right down to the McAlister’s Deli. (When the menu boasts that they are using Butterball turkey and rotel, you know you are not in Boulder anymore).

But, the reason that we were in Pueblo was to watch this girl play some soccer. And she was brilliant.

Chloe was a guest player for another team for the tournament. It took about 6 minutes for me to start hearing comments from other moms about the level of intensity that she brings.



Second place!

Chloe plays soccer the way she does life. She does not feel the need to be at the front of the stage, and she is happy to pass the ball in front of goal and let someone else go for glory. She doesn’t need to be loud and mouthy, she quietly goes about her business with single minded intensity. But all heck breaks loose when her protective instincts kick in, when she has a battle to fight, and when that ball gets near her goal.


Chris was out of town and Aidan kept worrying that my birthday was not special enough. I told him that my favorite thing about being alive was being a mom, and that there wasn’t anything more special then spending the weekend hanging out with people I love. Happy birthday to me.

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