The Lost Coin

Edward told us that the kids at the orphanage came to them from various hard places. Some because of great loss, and some from places of great pain-because what other than great pain would cause someone to abandon a baby in the garbage? They wore their stories on their faces, like masks. Either to hide behind, or in a brave moment, pulled down to reveal their scars.


We told them the stories from the Bible of the lost coin and the lost sheep. They’re stories of being lost, but wanted. They are stories of waiting, but also redemption. Because on the other side of the waiting, is searching. We told them in stuttered English to French to Creole, that they were of great value, like the little lost coin, because that is how their God in heaven feels about them. That they were created unique, and beautiful, and for a reason. 470A7910

I think searching sometimes looks a little like being pulled out of the trash.


And redemption is in being found. And a rescue might look like ordinary people preparing rice and beans.





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